das meer singt eine melodie

(the ocean is singing a melody) 

outdoor installation 2002, ponton, pool, beach environment, underwater sound 


the citizens of Hamburg could acces a harbour area else unnoticed, and in a 

nice beach environment to contrast the dreary grey harbour with dirty water.

An underwater speaker played northgerman sailorsongs inside the pool. The 

Sailors were singing about longing out, going away and longing home in an 

underwater frenzy inside the small pool. an add-on solution to the sadness and  

an ironical comment to the romantic traditions of harbours and sailor life.

Pontongalerie in june 2002 at Oberhafen in Hamburg, 

curators Filomeno Fusco and Ando Yoo. Pontongalerie was a project at the 

Artgenda Baltic Biennale for young artists. taking part through the city of Kiel.

Water on the water, an oasis in the harbour...




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