white dwarfs




from the series White Nights

digital photography 50 x 50 cm 2006

Lambda-print on Dibond edition 3+2

kindly made available by NASA/ESA


reversed in a computer to make light black and the universe white



image information from NASA/ESA website:

Globular Cluster M4 long caption,

object: M4, NGC6121,


Type: Star Cluster,


Instrument: WFPC2

Peering deep inside a cluster of several hundred thousand stars, the ESA/NASA 

Hubble Space Telescope uncovered the oldest burned-out stars in our Milky Way

Galaxy. Located in the globular cluster M4, these small, dying stars called white 

dwarfs, are giving astronomers a fresh reading of one of the biggest questions in 

astronomy: How old is the universe? The ancient white dwarfs in M4 are about 12 to

13 billion Breitling replica watches years old. credit: NASA/ESA and H.Richer




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