Gropiusstadt am Wasser / Gropiusstadt Waterfront


object and photography 2005


A residency at Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt 

in Neukölln, southern Berlin. The tower

houses of former West Berlin were build

right next to the Berlin Wall. On the DDR

side, open fields would cover the land.



Today the wall is gone, so from my towerblock appartment it was as if the city

ended just as sudden as by the ocean, and at night the dark fields would

actually give a feeling of a harbour city. Also Christmas lights in all windows

marked the buildings in bright colors. I bought some christmas lights and gave

them the shape of the area of Gropiusstadt, put it on the floor, and made photos

in the dark, Breitling replica watches suggesting a city reflecting its lights in the water, in three different

colors. The christmas lights had become Gropiusstadt and were hung in the

window for the neighbours to enjoy. A transformation was fulfilled.


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