UFO presents solmsstraße 37 b (souterrain) 10961 berlin-kreuzberg U Gneisenaustraße

The dust blows forward, and the replica watches dust blows back

curated by jakob jensen

Opening 8.april and ended 29.april 2012

The exhibition title gives an abstract image of replica watches for sale an invisible force called Air.                            

It picks up dust and moves it around, creating rolex replica patterns in the sky and on the ground

Air is a sculptural thing


Air moves with the changing of sunlight and darkness

Expanding and contracting.

Water rises up and comes back down like a breathing exercise. 

Sunlight is a sculptural thing and darkness is the mould defining its shapelessness


Sound is an imprint of the shape of rolex replica watches moving particles.

Background radiation is a time traveling microwave photo of Big Bang

The sound of air is a vibrating, a changing, a reflecting echo    

Sound is a sculptural thing and silence is a mirror of our racing thoughts


Rhythm is a breathing, a repetition of a repetition

No beginning and no end

A broken up system in time

Holding your breath is a sculptural thing


Thunder rolls across space and time

Did you count the seconds, to measure the distance?

Time is a sculptural thing, the mind as well

And words are like a fog



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artists :

Frederik Foert

Ingo Gerken & Matthias Meyer

Kane Do

Mariana Viegas

Nikolas Theilgaard

Søren lose

Tisha Mukarji

Troels Sandegaard

Wolfgang Plöger

Wolf von Kries
These artists have a rather technical way of telling tales.

They show cause and effect in nature, with poetry, irony and curiosity.

And they show how many natural phenomena are being mixed with cross-references in our imagination.

When we look at a landscape, we compare it to all our previous knowledge of landscapes,

plus our imaginary ideas of landscapes. The result is a strange muckup of the romantic,

fear, joy, hope, memory and physics. A landscape stretched out in time and space.

These works are based on our unfocused perceptional apparatus, often playfull, critical or absurd.

The artist have a particular love for poetic details. A poetry that slides out into the strange,

the nerdy or the humoristicly overplayed. Language and playing with words can become the the critical point,

in understanding an image or object Ìs associational direction all together.

These works were chosen by me in relation to the exhibition title.

And the artists were chosen because they and their methods are an inspiration to me.

For an artistic approach that is simular or different to my own practice as an artist.

I know them all personally, and in this way i also describe my own artistic space.

The space where friendship and work goes hand-in-hand, even across very different personalities

and the lonely process of thinking, producing and displaying art.

These differences form the collective of the show at UFO presents.

And i tried to make the works overlap each other somehow,

so there is a visual or mind twisting relation, that makes associational leaps from one work to another.

Jakob Jensen april 2012


kindly supported by The Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Arts

work list:

Frederik Foert
sculpture with tables, parasols and windscreen wipers

Ingo Gerken & Matthias Meyer
The Invention of Gravity / The Gravity of Invention
single record, stereo equipment

Kane Do
One Breath
glass object

Mariana Viegas
projection of a photo onto itself mounted on alu-dibond

Nikolas Theilgaard
Aal al Bait Street
framed photo

Søren Lose
no title
photo paper influenced by direct sunlight, unfixed

Tisha Mukarji
What The Pause Says
musical score paper

Troels Sandegaard
Tågespiral - sculpture with water fog in a mason tub
no title - Beauforts wind scale descriptions as text marked into paper, framed

Wolfgang Plöger
no title (Heat)
projector and electrical radiators

Wolf von Kries
tractor inner tube with patches

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