if you give me the mountains i will ask for the sea - curated by jakob jensen


matti blind
               ingo gerken 
                                carsten gliese
                                                    sofia hultén 
                                                                     jakob jensen 
                                                                                        wolfgang plöger
                                                                       lucy powell 
                                              egill sæbjörnsson
                         wolf von kries 
tilman wendland




from 26 september – 1 november 2008.
opening thursday, 25. september 2008, 5-8 pm


peter lav PHOTO GALLERY has invited one of its Danish artists, Jakob Jensen, to 

curate a group exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce new 

foreign artists, all of whom are installation artists, to the Copenhagen art scene. 

Jakob Jensen’s object is to show their alternative approaches to the photographic 



The way the installation artists employ the photographic medium is just as 

diverse as the individual artists. The medium is adapted to the project, and often 

the artifice is very simple, even though it turns everything upside down. The 

exhibition title points to man’s perpetual dissatisfaction with what he has and to 

his enquiring spirit. Once having experienced one thing, curiosity drives us towards 

the next thing and the next one indefinitely.


The participating artists change the motif, turn it on its head, reflect it in human 

relations, the whole time attempting to broaden the framework for understanding, 

and to confuse the viewer in order to pave the way for alternative ways of 

understanding the surrounding world.


Installation artists employ the photograph as documentation, as a frame of 

reference, for counting and recording, in order to portray the personal, the general, 

the political, the historically important, the overlooked and the photographic 

medium itself. The role of the viewer is often in focus. The pictures can be found on 

the internet, in books and in magazines, and they can be borrowed from history 

archives. They can shoot them themselves, hire a photographer or collect them from 

private persons, find them in the street and take pictures of them. They can be cut 

and torn across, glued together, printed at home, attached to a mail or enclosed in 

a letter, turned into posters, thrown off balconies and planes, turned into sculptures, 

crumpled up, animated, double exposed, projected on each other and on a particular 

building or surface, run over, printed on a t-shirt, tattooed on the skin and described 

only in words. All forms are open.


Matti Blind (DE) combines historical graffiti slogans and found photographs of white 

houses, assembled in a slide show and shown in video form on a white television. 

Ingo Gerken (DE) lets a tripod capture the motif in motion instead of capturing the 

camera. A cloud in the distance becomes part of a sculptural performance, like a 

sudden implosion spiriting the camera away from the tripod, placing it inside the 

viewer. Carsten Gliese (DE) creates light sculptures frozen in three-dimensional 

spaces. Through photo and text, Sofia Hultén (SE) depicts the wish to move an 

object through the power of imagination. Jakob Jensen (DK) has found an album 

cover showing in an almost voodoo-like manner a transformation between an 

ordinary girl and her music idol. Wolfgang Plöger (DE) has “cropped” all of Google’s 

images resulting from one particular search and fixed them in book form. Lucy 

Powell (UK) depicts sheep’s ability to remember, just like human beings, “the faces” 

of their friends. In his video installation, Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS) allows us to have a 

look at a certain object from different angles, even though neither object nor viewer 

is in motion. Wolf von Kries (DE) has juxtaposed isles and puddles of water as perfect 

positives and negatives of each other. Tilman Wendland (DE) always employs the 

movement of paper as a sculptural element, and he shows a magazine-like graphical 

work in which photo and paper refer to the idioms of well-known architects.


the exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Counsil




for further information please contact the gallery


Best regards


Peter Lav



Carl Jacobsen Vej 16, entrance 6, floor 3, DK-2500 Valby
(+45) 28 80 23 98



Matti Isan Blind  Found Footage  dvd video 2007


Ingo Gerken Cloud on tripod (no.2) lightjet print 2008


Carsten Gliese  Tür II  70x46,5cm  C-print on Dibond  2004


Sofia Hultén  "Immovable Object/Unstoppable Force"  photo and text in frame  2005


Jakob Jensen  Tanyatuckerbibijoanpedersen  record cover with rolex replica watches text  found object  2008



Wolfgang Plöger  9-11  three books cheap rolex replica collecting a Google image search on "9-11"  2007


Lucy Powell  Memory of Sheep  series of 50 photo portraits of cheap breitling replica sheep  slide projection  2007


Egill Sæbjörnsson  Cardboardbox  video cardboard and sound  2007


Wolf von Kries  Islands and Puddles  3 photographs and maps 50x60cm 


Tilman Wendland  Ohne Titel  magazine  2006


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